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English info about Elgsethytta

Elgsethytta is a tourist cabin and serving place in Bymarka in Trondheim, more specifically in Bynesmarka between Bosbergheia and Elsetheia. The tourist cabin was opened in 1958 and belonged to Trondhjems Skiklubb until 1974, when ownership was given to Trondheim municipality. Since 2003 Anne Valseth has been responsible for the operation of the cabin.

Elgsethytta is open all days except Mondays (see Opening hours for time). On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, it is served rømmegrøt og spekemat. There is a road (closed for traffic) into Elgsethytta so it is great for families with children with a stroller. From Elgsethytta it is also a quick trip to Storheia which is the city’s highest peak and with a magnificent view over the Trondheimsfjord.